z Courses – winter

Winter Program 2020-2021:

Normally you would register for courses with the link below but recent Covid 19 restrictions have put our schedule on hold for hopefully just a short time. If you go to our ‘Membership’ page & fill out the form we will be able to stay in touch with changes in our schedules for courses.

This winter we will be offering sailing instruction on Cal 20 keelboats (larger 20ft long sailboats) which provide a dry and warmer platform to help sailors learn effectively during the colder months. When coming to join us for winter sailing please remember lots of warm and waterproof layers!

Through the winter we offer separate morning (9am to Noon) and afternoon (1pm to 4pm) sessions, Wednesday through Sunday, running December 2-20, January 6-31 and February 3-24.

You can register for sessions through: sookesailing.checklick.com . When you register for a session you register for that time throughout the month; for example every Wednesday mornings 9am to Noon in February.

We will be offering sailing instruction for those new to the sport or those experienced in sailing. We follow the Sail Canada CANSail training model and offering CANSail levels 1-6 from our team of experienced certified sailing coaches. Come and join us to learn how to sail at any age, we offer lessons for sailors aged six and up. We strive to create a safe, fun, instructive and exciting environment for all and look forward to you joining us on the water!

This year Sooke Sailing Club is proud to have brought the love of sailing to over 500 youths ages 6 – 14 & to many adventurous adults in our primary host locations of Sooke Bay Marine Center & Oak Bay Marina, which is hosted by Recreation Oak Bay.

We use the CANSail curriculum & they become more confident to move on to racing, teaching sailing & advanced sailing classes.

We are a Sail Canada certified sailing school, based in Sooke BC