How to become a Member

Whether you are a complete novice, sail competitively or just sail for fun, there's not much to beat the freeing sensation of being on the water & under the power of the sail!

Membership Structure

Membership at all levels provides the following benefits:

1. Access to all-members free sailing days (at regular intervals throughout the year).

2. Ability to schedule private coaching sessions. (not available to the general public).

3. Early access to register your children in summer  & spring break programs.

4. Yearly (one time) discount on program registration.

5. Access to members only perks (at additional cost) - boat rental, boat storage, gear storage, training plans, private coaching etc.

6, You get to say you are a member of the coolest South Vancouver Island Sailing Club!

Types of Membership -

Personal/Family & Corporate/Sponsorship include all of the above benefits & then each level of membership offers different additional benefits.

Personal/Family per Year - $50 for one individual. Family is $75 for 2 & the $25 person.

To see the full list of Membership and Sponsorship categories click members-sponsors

Sooke Sailing Club Membership



If you would like to join the Sooke Sailing Association, and we thank you for that, please fill out and Submit the Application Above as well as transferring payment.

Use  to send an Electronic Transfer for your Memberships Fees - no question or password required.